Make Her Squirt

Give Women Squirting Orgasms – How to Make Any Woman Explode All Over You 

Squirting – it is a dream come true for most men and women all over the world. It is easily considered the holy grail of orgasms and something that you are longing to give to her. The only problem here is that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing when it comes to female ejaculation and you couldn’t feel more lost.

Wet body of a beautiful naked woman

Now, we all know how hard it is to find your rhythm to make a girl orgasm, so it’s only right that it must be next to nearly impossible to make a girl squirt, right? Wrong. It is actually EASIER to make a girl have a squirting orgasm. You just need to know what to do and how to do it right.


You are about to learn all of that and more today. You can give women squirting orgasms and you can be the best that she has ever had. It is time that you stopped dreaming about doing it and that you actually did it.


The key to giving a woman a squirting orgasm is getting her to the right level of arousal. Did you know that on average, it takes a woman anywhere from 10-30 minutes to become completely and fully aroused? This means that if you are doing anything less than that, then she is not completely ready for it and if she is not ready for it, it won’t happen. This could be where you are constantly getting stuck. Change it and change it now.


Spend the time on her that she needs. Give her lots of foreplay to work with. Be nice and slow with it too. Take your time and really try to caress and cater to all of her body. Your lips, your fingers and your hands are capable of doing so much to her, so you should really milk it for all that it is worth.


Once she is ready and you can tell because she will be dripping wet, then the real fun can begin. Another important note to keep in mind is that you should use a lubricant when you are stimulating her to bring her to ejaculation. Some men even swear by using olive oil. Whatever you ultimately decide to use, make sure that you use something. She needs the added lubricant and you do too if you want to cut down on friction and make sure that you don’t end up hurting her.


With your hand all lubed up, enter two fingers inside of her body. Try to locate the g-spot – it should feel kind of like a raisin. Then, move your fingers up and down inside of her body. That is right – none of this in and out business. If you want to make her explode and gush everywhere, then this is the secret. Move your fingers up and down inside of her body. This creates pressure and the more pressure you build, ultimately the more she will want to explode.


Try these methods on your girl tonight. Remember to get her aroused, lubed up and to build the pressure inside of her. If you can do all of this, then you should be wildly successful.


Also, remember to have patience and to make her want it. She has to want to squirt so if you two need to have a chat about it beforehand, then consider that a requirement as well.


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