Get Over a Breakup

How Can I Forget About My Ex Girlfriend and Move On?  Helpful Breakup Advice for Men 

Breakups are hard but what is even harder is trying to get past the pain and move on with your life. This is the place that so many men find themselves in all of the time. They are done with the relationship, whether on their terms or on hers and now they have to figure out how to forget all about her and move on. It is an incredibly difficult time.


If this sounds like you and the situation that you are in at the moment, then you need to do something about it. You can’t keep living life like this and you need to get past it. It’s time that you closed this one chapter in your life and that you moved onto the next. You need some helpful breakup advice for men.


If you asked yourself, how can I forget about my ex girlfriend and move on, then the answers are here waiting for you.


The first step in getting over an ex is to delete them from your life. Of course, you can’t forget about them completely but what you can do is slowly think about them less and less. The best way to accomplish this is to delete them off any social media you have, and delete them out of your phone. That way, when you go through your day-to-day routines of checking things on your computer and your phone, you won’t receive updates that will make you feel angry and sad. Delete her from your life and you will notice a massive change.


Another way to forget all about her is to get out there and distract yourself. Sitting at home and crying might make you feel good in a sense, but it is unhealthy and won’t allow you to make any progress. Getting out there and enjoying life to the fullest, however, will. Take up a new hobby or join a sports club. Do something that you love and try to spend the least amount of time at home possible. Falling asleep without thinking of her will be easier when you are filling up your days with things that you love.


Spending a lot of time with your friends is crucial right now. They are here to support you and to make you feel better. Go out with them, laugh with them, take a trip, whatever they want to do. When they invite you out to something, say yes, even if you don’t want to go. They want to get you out of the house and they want to see you happy again. Do it for you and for them.


Guaranteed, you made some great friends with the people in her circle but you can’t keep talking to them, at least for a few months because right now, the only reason you want to keep them around is to get information on her. You want to know what is going on with her and if she is seeing anyone new. You are not caring about your friendships with them but rather using them. This is not fair to either party so don’t do it. Break ties for a while and if you do start talking again after some time as passed, then it was meant to be a lasting friendship.


If your ex girlfriend broke your heart then it is time that you mended it. Even though she is constantly on your mind now, you can forget all about her. You can stop thinking about your ex and be over her completely in less than 24 hours. To find out more about how to get over your ex girlfriend, visit this amazing site!

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