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Learn How to Give Her an Orgasm Tonight That She Will Never Forget

The female orgasm is something that you just aren’t very good at. You just can’t seem to give your woman the kind of pleasure that you are hoping for. This leaves you feeling really angry and frustrated and you can only imagine that your girl feels the same way. You need to learn how to give her an orgasm tonight that she will never forget.


Even though it sounds impossible, you can give any woman an orgasm at anytime, as long as you learn some secrets. The female orgasm is nowhere near as difficult as you are making it out to be. As long as you learn some tips, you will be able to make it happen. As long as you follow these guidelines, you can give a woman an unreal orgasm and you can do it tonight.


The most important step that you must master is the art of foreplay. A lot of men tend to skip foreplay because they want to get on to the main event. This impatient act significantly decreases your chances of making her climax. It is time that you started to put her needs before your own so you can make sure that she is feeling some pleasure too. In order to give her an orgasm, foreplay must be used so she can get aroused and stimulated both physically and mentally. If you use foreplay for more than 20 minutes, then you just automatically increased her chances of having an orgasm by more than 75%.


Now you can get into it. When you are stimulating your woman, make sure that you are being gentle with her body. Although women can handle rough sex, when you are giving her oral or using your fingers on her, it is a whole different story. You have to use care and you have to be gentle or else you can end up hurting her.


Use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris gently and then once she is a little lubricated, you can slide a couple fingers inside of her to hit her g-spot. As well, you can also use your tongue on her clitoris to give her some more pleasure. A lot of women have an orgasm from oral sex so if you want to give her great satisfaction, then your tongue must be used.


Use these tips to master the female orgasm tonight. You don’t have to be stuck in this rut for another moment. You can give your woman pleasure and you can feel confident about it. It is time that you made this possible tonight. She will never forget it.

Give a Girl an Orgasm Tonight – Find Out the Easiest Way Possible to Make Her Come Now

Being unable to make a woman orgasm is killing you inside. It eats away at your confidence and makes you feel inadequate. You know that even though she tells you that she doesn’t need an orgasm to feel pleasure, you know that it couldn’t be farther from the truth. If she stimulated you and every single time, you didn’t reach orgasm, you know that you would be frustrated too. Something needs to give. Something needs to change.


You need to learn how to give a girl an orgasm tonight so you can truly blow her mind in the bedroom. It’s time that you gave her the greatest pleasure she has ever experienced and more. Even though this may seem like a tall order to fulfill, it is not. It is actually quite easy and you are going to learn how to do that today.


Today, you can find out the easiest way possible to make her come now. You can blow her mind in the bedroom and it is time that you did just that now. It’s time that you showed your girl that you can blow her mind and that you can make that happen now.


The easiest way possible to make a girl have an orgasm is to remember this one tip – you need to create anticipation in her body. Foreplay is crucial to the female orgasm. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to lie her down and massage her. No, you can do other forms of foreplay that work just as well. Try sexting her during the day. Send her a sexy text message detailing all of the things you want to do to her, or better yet, send her a picture. Now, be careful when it comes to sending nude photos. Always double and triple check that she is the recipient. You don’t need the embarrassment of sending it to someone that isn’t her. Seeing how aroused she makes you will only drive her more and more wild, so by the time you do get her alone, she is already dripping wet.


On top of that, you need to learn how to properly stimulate a woman to orgasm. The best way to make it happen is to stimulate her as much as she can take and this means to stimulate both her clitoris and her g-spot. The more stimulation that you can give to her, the higher her chances are of having an orgasm.


The best way to make this happen is to touch her clitoris with your tongue to get her going and then to use your fingers on her g-spot. For some women, they actually prefer receiving oral sex to sex so keep this in mind. Your girl might be one of these girls and need some tongue action.


When it comes to oral, take your time. To make a girl orgasm, you don’t always have to go hard and fast. Sometimes, slow is the way to go. That way, you get into a better rhythm. Also, when you are stimulating her internally, make sure to move your fingers in a circular motion. This changes it up for her and that is important. You want to offer her some new and different kind of stimulation. That way, it keeps everything exciting for her and the more she is into it, the better and higher her chances are of having an orgasm.


If you want to give a girl an orgasm tonight, then you should highly consider following these tips. You will be surprised at how easy they are to use and how well they work.

Give a Girl an Orgasm Tonight – Find Out the Secret to Making Any Woman Come NOW

Oh the female orgasm – the thing that so many men have such a love hate relationship with. For one, you love it because there is truly nothing sexier than seeing a woman lose control and to become completely overwhelmed by pleasure. However, secondly, you hate it because one night, everything works in your favor and the next, nothing works. Even worse, you haven’t been able to make her orgasm and you are afraid that you might never learn how.


Well, it all ends here because today, you are going to find out the secret to making any woman come. That’s right. No matter your skill set or your experience, you can give a girl an orgasm tonight. Finally, you can crack the code on the female orgasm and be able to drive her totally wild tonight.


The first tip is that you have to get her going well BEFORE you even stimulate her. How do you do this, you might ask? It’s easy. What’s the number one thing you use the most during the day? The answer? Your phone.


Sexting is becoming wildly popular and for good reason – it’s a great way to get each other going via foreplay without being in the same room as one another. You can do it any time of day and do it while you are performing other tasks. So therefore, you can get your girl going while you are at work, so when you do see her that night, she will be dripping wet and raring to go far. Now, you don’t have to spend precious time performing foreplay techniques on her. Oh thank you, technology.


Now, when it comes down to stimulating a woman, it is important to know that a woman can orgasm in one or all of three ways:


Clitoral stimulation

G-spot stimulation

A combination of the two


You can stimulate her clitoris to get her off, you can pump her body and make her come via her g-spot, or you can do a mix of the two. Here are some tips to help you stimulate each one.


When you are stimulating a woman’s clitoris, it is important to know that you have to be gentle. She might want it rough and fast, but that will be short lived. Instead, you need to be gentle because you run the risk of over stimulating her if you don’t. Go slow and take your time.


However, all of that changes with g-spot stimulation. She can take it rough and she wants it that way. Use at least two fingers to enter into her body and to stimulate her. This will drive her wild. Although, it is important that you do use lubricant because even though she wants it rough, you have got to make sure that you cut down on friction or else it will hurt.


For a combination of the two, try performing oral sex on her. This is your best bet to making her come quickly. Use your tongue on the clitoris and your fingers on the g-spot. This lethal combination will result in her coming in no time at all!

Make a Woman Come Quick – The Best Stimulation Techniques to Get Any Girl to Orgasm in Minutes

Not only do you want to be able to make your woman have an orgasm, but you want to make it happen fast. Even though you can’t get enough of her body, you know that she doesn’t want you to be stimulating her for hours. She wants to have an orgasm and she wants to have it fast. You have to be the one to make this happen for her and it’s time that you learned how to now.


You need to learn how to make a woman come quick and how to make it happen now. You can give her everything that she needs in the bedroom and it’s time that you did so today. You are going to learn the best stimulation techniques to get any girl to orgasm in minutes and you are going to learn them now.


Every man has the potential and the capability of being the best that any woman has ever had. It’s time that you believed in that ability and that you were better for you and your girl. Being able to make a woman orgasm shouldn’t give you this much anxiety or make you feel this inadequate. You can be the best and you can do it for tonight.


One of the best stimulation techniques to get any girl to orgasm in minutes is to try to stimulate both areas of her body that help her to reach climax. This means that you want to help her achieve a blended orgasm.


Every woman has the ability of having a g-spot orgasm or a clitoral orgasm, so your goal is to try to stimulate both areas of her body. When you do this, you maximize her pleasure potential and leave no area of her erogenous zones untouched.


The best way to do this is to stimulate her clitoris with your tongue and her g-spot with your fingers. Her clitoris is best stimulated by soft and fast movements, something your tongue is more than capable of, while her g-spot can take a bit more. Feel free to move your fingers in circles inside of her. This is the best way to really get her going.


Another fantastic stimulation method to make her orgasm within minutes is to talk dirty to her. Being vocal is a great way to arouse your woman and make her achieve climax. Tell her how sexy she is, how good she tastes or how amazing she feels. These sexy compliments go a long way.


At the end of it, the best way to make a woman come quick is to be persistent. You need to have great stamina. If you want to make her orgasm within 5 minutes, then give her everything you can in that time frame. Don’t let up. Go for broke. Do everything in your power and it will pay off. By giving it 110%, you will make her orgasm and it will be one of the best of her life.


Memorize these stimulation techniques now so the next time you get your girl alone, you can make her come quick and hard.

How to Touch a Woman’s Clitoris to Make Her Orgasm – 3 Stimulation Techniques to Give Her the Best Pleasure Ever

Most men have one heck of a time pleasing a woman in the bedroom and it’s no wonder why. The female body is incredibly intricate and it is sometimes really hard to know what to do to make her orgasm. When you try something once, it might work and then when you go to do it again, it backfires in your face completely. You feel completely inadequate and it is very frustrating. You want it to change but you have no idea how.


You need to learn how to touch a woman’s clitoris to make her orgasm and you need to learn this tonight. Since nearly 80% of women only have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation, you need to up the ante and learn how to do this. If you don’t, then you can expect a lot more frustrating evenings with your girl and that is the last thing you want to do.


If you want to completely blow her away and really set your love life on fire, then you need to learn these 3 stimulation techniques to give her the best pleasure ever. Then, you won’t have to worry about fumbling around in bed with her any longer.


First things first, where is the clitoris? If you look or feel on her body, from her pelvic bone straight down, you will feel a thin flap of skin that leads to a bulb. This is the clitoris. Some women can take direct stimulation on the bulb of the clitoris, while others need some stimulation on the hood, which is just above towards her stomach.


The first stimulation technique to touch her to orgasm is to use your tongue. Your tongue is just the right amount of soft and rough, which is exactly what her clitoris needs. The tip of your tongue gives her more direct stimulation and pleasure, while the flat side of your tongue offers her something completely different. Oral sex is a great way to start learning how to please her with clitoral stimulation.


The second way to touch her clitoris is with a vibrator. This is another tool to help her reach climax with you. Try using a wand on her and just hold it in place. You don’t have to move around much since the clitoris is so small and compact. It doesn’t take much. Start it on a slow setting and then gradually increase it. She will be screaming your name in no time.


The third technique is to use your fingers. Now, you must be incredibly gentle with her as to not over stimulate her. Try rubbing the clitoris ever-so-slightly with just your fingertips. That is the best way to give her pleasure. Anything rougher than that and it might end up hurting her. Plus, you want your fingers to be lubricated, so you don’t end up causing any unnecessary friction.


By using these clitoral stimulation techniques, you will be able to completely blow her mind in the bedroom and finally give her that orgasm that she has always dreamed of. Show her what you are truly made of today.

Make Woman Come Fast – How to Make Any Woman Orgasm in Seconds Flat!

When you and your girl become intimate with one another, all you can focus on is being able to make her come, as is true with any man. All any man wants to be able to do is to make a woman feel pleasure. The reason is because what is sexier than watching a woman’s body shake with delight? There is nothing quite as sexy as watching a woman lose control and quiver everywhere. You want to be the result of this insane pleasure. You want to make a woman come fast.


Although it sounds impossible, you will be pleased to know that it is the farthest thing from. Even though you might be having difficulties now, you can make any woman orgasm in seconds flat as long as you know some tricks.


The techniques below are top secret until now. This is what every woman wants every man to know on the planet but they are just too shy to admit it. With these tips, you will easily soar to the top and the best that she has ever had or ever will have again!


The first technique to make a woman come fast is to start early on in the day. If you both are at work, try sending her a sexy text message to let her know that you are thinking of her. Then, work up to some more graphic text message explaining how much you love her naked body or how much you love the way she tastes. This acts as foreplay and helps you out so you don’t have to do much when you do see her. The juices will already be flowing through her body and she will already be dripping wet for you. Then you get to reap all of the benefits of that.


When it comes to stimulation, oral sex is the way to go. This is truly the fastest way to bring a woman to orgasm and here is why:


Women orgasm best from clitoral stimulation that is gentle yet fast. Your tongue is capable of this and so much more. With your tongue on her clitoris, she is bound to orgasm in no time at all.


Now, pair this with some g-spot stimulation via your fingers. Your fingers are able to give her the kind of stimulation she needs here and that is stimulation that is both rough and fast. She can take a lot when you are pumping her but the key to making her orgasm quickly with your fingers is not to go in and out but to rather use circles. When you move your fingers inside of her in a circular motion, you will easily see the change and easily see how her eyes roll back into her head and how she can’t handle it.


With your tongue on her clitoris and your fingers inside of her, she will be screaming your name in no time at all and cumming everywhere!


If you want to make your girl have an orgasm in record time, then you should seriously consider using these sex tips on her tonight!


Satisfy a Woman in Bed – How to Make Her Orgasm Fast With These Sex Tips for Men

Being unable to give your woman the sexual satisfaction that she craves is slowly eating away at you. The strong feelings of inadequacy are really getting to you and starting to make you question yourself entirely. Have you ever been able to please a woman? Are you just experiencing problems now or has this been going on for a while? Regardless, you are fed up and you want to make a change now.


You know that this isn’t easy for your girl either. Even though she tells you that she is happy and that she enjoys sex with you or that she doesn’t need an orgasm to feel satisfied, you know better. You can’t imagine if the roles were reversed and she was constantly struggling to make you feel pleasure. Not only would you feel sexually frustrated but also you would get fed up.


You are desperate to break this cycle of bad pleasure and you are about ready to do anything to change it. Thankfully, you don’t have to do much. All you need is a little help on how to satisfy a woman in bed. These tips will help you to make her orgasm fast and you will be on your way to giving her the pleasure she craves.


The first tip is to know how to make a woman orgasm and what it entails. For example, clitoral stimulation needs to be gentle and fast. You run the risk of overstimulation of a woman if you do anything different. Where as, with g-spot stimulation, you can go rough and slow. The deeper you can go into her body, the better. Knowing the two spots on her body that contribute the most to whether or not she has an orgasm is your first step.


There are different stages throughout a woman’s level of sexual arousal that makes a big difference on whether or not she will have an orgasm. You can’t start off strong out of the gates. You need to ease her into it. Spend your time on all parts of her body. Kiss her neck, kiss her lips and sensually caress her entire body. The more time you spend doing this, the easier it will be to stimulate her to orgasm. Most men don’t realize how crucial foreplay actually is because most men just want to get to the main event. They say patience is a virtue for a reason so make the most of it and be a different lover for her.


With a lot of foreplay, you can find it easier to get her aroused and to make her orgasm. Once she is prepped, the fun can begin. Try your best to make her orgasm first from her clitoris. You will find that if you can do this, then making her have an orgasm from g-spot stimulation will be much easier because her entire body will be aroused and engorged. The g-spot is easier to find the more aroused she is and with an orgasm first, the g-spot will be ripe for you to find with either your penis or your fingers.


If you have had trouble in the past satisfying a woman in bed, then it is time that these tips helped you and guided you to being the best that she has ever had. At the end of the day, you want to be a supportive and attentive lover for her and these sex tips for men will help you to do just that.



The Best Way to Touch a Girl to Make Her Orgasm – Secrets of the Female Orgasm Uncovered

Are you having troubles pinpointing exactly what to do to your woman to totally drive her wild in the bedroom? Do you feel like you are always getting her so close to orgasm and making her ride that edge for a long time but you just can’t seem to bank it? You just can’t seem to make her orgasm and it’s frustrating. You feel like you have exhausted all of your options and you feel like you are just doomed to give her mediocre pleasure for the rest of her life, when you could be giving her amazing orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. What do you do?


You need to learn the best way to touch a girl to make her orgasm. The female orgasm feels like it is a big secret to men but that isn’t the case any longer. You are going to learn some foolproof tips to make any woman orgasm at any time of day, no matter the mood she is in. You will be able to command this power over her body that she never even knew was possible. It’s time. It’s time that you rocked her world in bed and that you did it tonight.


Follow these amazing female orgasm tips for men so you know exactly where to touch her to make her squeal tonight:


Tease Her. It might sound like a basic tip, but too many men dive in headfirst and end up finding themselves stimulating a girl for what feels like hours without any release. Don’t be this guy. If you really want to make her orgasm, you have to tease her before you please her. Foreplay is your best friend, no matter how annoying it is. Licking her all over, kissing her all over, and playing with different parts of her body other than her vagina will make her beg for it. This is what you want. You want to get her so hot and bothered that she literally cannot stand to be without your penis for another second. Make her beg for it and once she does get it, it will send electricity all throughout her body.


Go Down. Even though sex feels amazing for women, a lot of women have troubles having an orgasm from sex. This is where oral comes into play. The best way to touch a woman to bring her to orgasm is to use your tongue and fingers. Oral sex is something that feels so amazing for her and is something that you have complete control over. You can last for hours and endure it in order to ensure that she has an orgasm.


Use your tongue on her clitoris and your fingers to penetrate her to give her that g-spot stimulation. This setup is crucial. The more stimulation you can give to her, the better. In addition, use the tip of your tongue on her and go slow. She can handle a bit more force from your fingers inside, but keep your tongue light on her.


With these tips, and the mix of foreplay and oral sex, you will have her gushing with pleasure and coming in no time!

Tips for Making a Woman Orgasm – Secrets for Men on How to Make a Woman Shudder with Pleasure

You’ve been in this scenario before – you are with your buddies and you are all talking about some great sex that you have had before. One of your buds talks about how many times he got his girl off last night and then everyone starts chiming in about how they made it happen once or twice too. When the focus is on you, you have to try to lie your way though some stories, knowing deep down that you might never have given your girl an orgasm, or at least you think you might have.


Women are great at faking it and this is a harsh reality that men need to realize. So, how do you know if you made her come? How do you know if you made it a reality for her? How can you be sure that you are doing everything right to make her shudder with pleasure?


Not to fear – there are tips for making a woman orgasm that are proven and guaranteed! Now, you can take comfort in knowing that you are doing everything right and that you are becoming the king of the female orgasm.


The first tip in making a woman orgasm is to have patience. It takes a woman almost triple the time to get fully aroused and to have an orgasm compared to you. This means that if it is 30 minutes in, chances are she is just getting ready to go, and then put stimulation time on top of that. For some women, it takes them nearly an hour to orgasm. So don’t fear! As long as you have patience, you will be on your way to getting her off.


Some great tips for stimulation include a lot of foreplay. Really give her a chance to become turned on and to get the juices flowing. A great indication that she wants it is if she is wet. That is a sign of arousal that women cannot hide. If she is dripping, she is ready. Don’t enter her anytime before that. It will be too soon and you will find yourself in the same position as before.


Once she is ready to go, and we mean really ready to go, it’s time to use some more stimulation on her, with her g-spot and her clitoris. For most women, they have a 90% chance of having an orgasm with clitoral stimulation. These are great odds for you! Now, how the heck do you stimulate her clitoris? You have a few options. You can use your tongue, your fingers or some toys on her. To begin with and to really make sure that she goes, it is in your best interest to use a vibrator. Try a body wand or a Hitachi – those are your best bets. Try to keep it as constant and on her as possible. The clitoris is pretty small, so keep it directly on it for your best chance to make her gush and freak out in ecstasy.



What is the Best Way to Make a Woman Climax? Clitoral Stimulation Techniques Guaranteed to Make Her Orgasm Tonight

Sometimes it honesty feels like trying to give your woman an orgasm, any orgasm, is harder than solving a jigsaw puzzle. No matter what technique you try, or how patient you are, it feels like you are trying your hardest but you get no resolve. You can’t even imagine how she feels. If a woman could have blue balls, guaranteed your girl would have them and they would be massive. You hate the fact that you can’t bring it home for her and it is driving you crazy.


It’s easy, in this kind of a situation, to let your mind wander and to become incredibly insecure. You can’t help but think about men she has had in the past and if they were able to make this happen for her. What if she got off all of the time? What if she had multiple orgasms in one night? What if she even squirted?


You can’t keep doing this to yourself. You need to get a grip. You need some reassurance but most of all, you need some help.


You need to learn what the best way to make a woman climax is so you can make it happen for your girl tonight. Gone are the days of you having plenty of failed attempts at pleasing her. Instead, here come the days of her having multiple orgasms in one night, every night.


So, how do you make this happen? Well, you need to learn some clitoral stimulation techniques so you can ensure that she will have an orgasm. Forget trying to learn how to stimulate her g-spot right now. Most women, at least 80% of them, almost always have an orgasm when they are stimulating via their clitoris. These are great odds for you, so let them work in your favor.


The first clitoral stimulation technique to master is to bring a toy into the bedroom. A lot of men have troubles making this happen because they feel inferior to a toy or they feel like once the toy comes into the bedroom, it’s over for them. This is not true. If you can make her orgasm with a toy, then you know she is comfortable enough to orgasm in front of you, making physical stimulation that much easier as time goes on.


Try using a vibrator on her. The clitoris extends up from above her vagina to an area known as the clitoral hood. Since most women are too sensitive directly on their clitoris, aiming for the clitoral hood is your best bet. Let the vibrator do all of the work and hold it in one spot. This will do the trick in no time.


Once that happens, then you can start to implement your own techniques to stimulate her clitoris to bring her to orgasm such as using your fingers, your penis and your mouth. Use the tips of your fingers to gently rub on her clitoris, your penis to rub on it too and your mouth to give her stimulation overload. Just make sure that you are going slow and being delicate. The clitoris has so many nerve endings, that too much stimulation can ruin the moment.